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1-What is the Playpal Health Platform?

The Playpal Platform is digital health marketplace that unifies global health IoT devices, apps and stakeholders under one banner. We are reinventing the perception of health by helping individuals build their Health Capital.

2-Will there be a Playpal Token?

Yes, PlayCoin is the token that will be circulated in the Playpal ecosystem.

3-What is The PlayCoin?

Playcoin is Playpal’s cryptocurrency. It will incentivize users to engage in healthy behaviors and will motivate healthy behavior among other Platform users.

4- How does The PlayCoin work?

The Playcoin is a utility based token, the purpose of which is to enable future access to products andservices offered by the Playpal Ecosystem. Tokens within the ecosystem exist primarily to enable theoperation of the reward schemes and will circulate amongst the Playpal partners and members.

5-Is The PlayCoin secure?

Yes, from an investment point of view, PlayCoin is as secure as any other blockchain-based utility token cryptocurrency.

6- What are your plans and what services do you offer?

We plan to apply the concept of health as a critical functional utility with monetary implications by:

quantifying individuals’ health,

attaching a monetary value to their health, and

providing them the means to improve it with an added financial incentive

Based on this idea, we aim to develop a cohesive ecosystem by building the ultimate platform for an individual’s health and seamlessly tying in products, services and functionality from various players in the health industry that exist in partial isolation or fragmented networks

Our services to user’s include:

Consolidation of health data

AI based analysis and tailored knowledge of one’s health

Guidance and regulatory mechanisms to facilitate one to achieve better health

Access to health centric communities and support groups

Access to challenges and opportunities to earn money through better health

Access to discounts, special offers and premium products and services from organizations that integrate with Playpal

Our services to organizations include:

increased client engagement and retention with value added, tailored knowledge along with monetary incentive for their clients

A platform to market and sell their products and services through

Facilitation to innovate , develop and integrate their health-tech with a direct monetary incentive

Health centric data analytics on a global scale, tailored to specific communities and regions

Access to challenges and opportunities to earn money through better health

Access to discounts, special offers and premium products and services from organizations that integrate with Playpal


22-Who is the founder and how did they get the idea?

Eesha Sheikh is the founder and CEO of Playpal. She is medicinal chemist by education and an entrepreneur who is turning her vision of consolidating a global health-tech platform into reality.

23- Where is the Company located?
Playpal Corp - Cayman Island

Playpal corp. is located in the Cayman Islands, it controls and manages the activities of the Platform. This Corporation will be a holding company for all regional subsidiaries.

Playpal, Inc, - USA

Playpal Inc is incorporated in the US and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Playpal Cayman. It will be the head office for all global business activities of the conglomerate.

Nevis Foundation

Nevis foundation exists to support the health objectives of the Playpal Platform by incentivising users via tokens issued against verifiable healthy activities. The ecosystem will be initiated by the Foundation, which will issue tokens to Playpal Cayman, to continue the reward schemes and operations of the Platform. The foundation will be an autonomous entity, with its own management board which will work in the interests of the foundation and its mission.

24-How many people are in the team?

Our team consists of an extensive pool of resources of 30+ in house members. We have departmentscentred around business development, finance & accounts, technical development, design, animation &game development, and marketing & PR, along with in-house nutritionists and technical R&D resources.Additionally, Playpal has a comprehensive advisory board of 26 world class members, including multiplepioneers of Fortune 500 companies and experts from the following domains: healthcare, technology (AI &Blockchain), legal, game design and token economics.

25-How long has the Company been running?

The Company has been operating and growing successfully for the past two and a half years. It was established in June 2016.

26- Tell me more about the Company behind the token...?

Playpal is an all encompassing health tech platform that consolidates data across all verticals, combining input from the users’ IoT devices and the world’s health knowledge basis. The Platform provides tailored, user specific goals and recommendations to guide users to achieve/maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover,it extrinsically motivates users to engage in healthy behavior by rewarding them with Playpal’s cryptocurrency, “Playcoin”. To ensure legitimacy and verifiability for users’ actions and transactions, all data is linked to the Platform’s blockchain. Health tech games, apps, devices and other third party integrators can seamlessly integrate with the Platform via our open APIs and SDKs to become part of Playpal ecosystem.

27- Who are your advisers?

We are led by a team of seasoned professionals across various fields from Fortune 500 companies. Our team has over 699 years of combined experience.


32-Where can I read the Playpal Whitepaper / Pitch deck / Lite paper?

You can read Playpal’s Whitepaper / Pitch Deck / Lite paper on the website, or you can subscribe to our mailing list and we can email them to you.

33- Is there a simple one-pager I can see?

Yes, you can download the One-pager from the website.

34-Who is handling the Company’s legal processes??

Playpal is working with following legal firms listed below:

Fenwick & West LLP - USA

Launch Legal

Royce Law

35-What is a digital/cryptocurrency coin?

Cryptocurrency is both digital and virtual currency that is created based on a cryptographic algorithm (Sha-256, Scrypt, etc). No one "mints" this currency, they solve cryptographic algorithms using hardware and electricity to get the representation of one unit of value, typically called a "coin".

37- Who is your CPA/CA firm?

Playpal is working with following CPA/CA firm listed below:

Archer Tax Group

Ethical ICO

Armanino LLP

38- Which techniques are being used to evaluate medium?

Playpal has put in place various evaluation and measurement techniques to evaluate the ROI on each marketing activity being implemented. The insights provided will enable us to fine-tune and adjust future activity accordingly.. Reputation, app downloads, retention of users, engagement and brand awareness are just some of the objectives that the marketing strategy will be evaluated against.

40-What is your Marketing Strategy?

Playpal is working with a leading PR and marketing agency to build the Playpal brand amongstakeholders. The approach is to ensure that individuals understand the benefits Playpal delivers to itsusers - from consumers to B2B partners, such as health device manufacturers and insurance companies.Using a mixture of digital media, media relations, events, email marketing and social media activity,Playpal is in the process of creating an international brand in a short period of time. This will include aneducational content strategy on ‘tokens’ and ‘crypto’ for consumers, who will then have confidence inbecoming a part of the Platform and using the Playpal Coins.

42- What is your Digital Media Strategy?

In this ‘always connected’ world that we live in, Millennials are a key target audience for Playpal. We recognize that digital media activity will be critical in gaining traction for the Platform. As part of the overallmarketing strategy, a specific digital media plan has been created across social media channels that arefrequented by our end users.

43-What is thetechnology of the Platform?

The Platform is driven by its AI engine which is pivotal for providing a tailored experience to eachindividual. This is done in the form of recommendations, visualizations and predictions based on effectiveamalgamation of the individual’s IoT data, collected from across apps & devices.The user’s data is legitimized by incorporating data validation and privacy and security by linking theuser’s profile to a health blockchain and adhering to GDPR & HIPAA.

47-What is your product road map?

Playpal has completed its Proof Of Concept version of the Platform this month. The POC incorporates thefollowing functionalities:

Integration with multiple devices & 1 gaming app (Keeko)

Data flow and consolidation into Playpal’s record

Playpal’s DBs incorporation in the non AI algorithm

Customized nutrition breakdown, exercise goals & recommendations for individuals

Health Capital represented as Playpoints

Platform driven goal management & point reward system

E commerce Platform

The next version, the MVP Pilot is planned for completion between May and July 2019 with the following:

E commerce Platform,

API Integration,

Android Version,

Some community functionality

The MVP Launch version, aimed for August 2019 is aimed to incorporate the following:

Ecommerce Platform

Genomics and other 3rd party integrations

Security features with GDPR & HIPAA Compliance

AI, ML and Blockchain integration

Social Network Architecture

Subsequent Versions shall target the following areas:

integration with online records, more devices, games/apps, improve the existing functionalities

Create SDKs for third party integration

Complete comprehensive user profiling system

Complete technical development as per business requirements

Comprehensive blockchain Integration

48- Where can I learn more about Playpal?

You can get a quick snapshot of the company via our Pitch Deck ****insert hyperlink****. Or our One Pager.

For further details about the business, feel free to view our Lite Paper ****insert hyperlink****.

To access a further in-depth and comprehensive understanding of our platform from a research perspective, you may take a look at our White Paper ****insert hyperlink****.

For further information, contact us directly.