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Health is a utility that directly impacts an individual’s wealth. At Playpal, health is quantified as a mathematical function H(t), “The Health Capital Model”. Our Platform tracks and displays changes in our users’ health capital value by recording their daily actions, a process that is visible and verifiable through a decentralized blockchain linkage. Based on this value, users’ healthy behaviour is rewarded financially with our cryptocurrency (i.e. PlayCoins). So far, we have:

4 years

of R&D by our qualified team

1 patent

pending with 5 more patents on the way

Limited token

bonuses for early investors

Digital Health Industry

An industry ripe for growth


projected valuation of the digital health industry by 2026


projected valuation of mHealth industry by 2023


billion health-app downloads in 2017


existing mHealth apps available

Problems in mHealth Today

Healthcare costs bear significant burdens on the global economy, with the average American spending around $9000 on healthcare each year and with healthcare expenditure reaching $3.5 trillion in 2017, accounting for 17.9% of USA’s GDP expenditure on health. Although this rise in healthcare costs is met with an explosion in the IoT domain, the current marketplace for health is fragmented and saturated. More specifically, the digital health industry is plagued with several problems:

Poor Retention Rates

The US $23 billion global mHealth app market is struggling with user retention rates, with only 7% of the mHealth apps having more than 50,000 active users.

Lack of Integration

There is a lack of interconnectedness between individual applications and an inability to integrate with existing eHealth databases to develop strategic infrastructures

Fragmented Market

The advent of numerous health apps and devices has fragmented the current marketplace for health and has left users to interpret the influx of data ineffectively.

Lack of Incentivization

Currently, there are little to no programs that incentivize individuals to self manage their health and alleviate their healthcare burdens.

Bridging the Gaps:

A One-Stop Solution

Playpal proudly claims exclusivity in the digital health marketplace in advanced smart health analysis. With its one of a kind AI powered proprietary engine, Playpal is the only Platform that:

Increases Retention Rates

a. Provides stakeholders, i.e health app developers and insurance companies, with insights from user data input

b. Supports gamification to promote user engagement in an interactive and fun manner

Consolidates the Market

a. Uses health research to offer better and individualised user recommendations.

b. Accesses research databases to answer user generated queries

c. Contributes to research repositories based on the data input into the engine.

Integrates Databases

a. Opens API’s for apps and devices to integrate with

Incentivizes Users

a. Caters to all pro-active health needs of the users by providing them with direct monetary incentives that
include, but are not limited to, set challenges and goals.

Our Platform:

Technical Highlights

Key Features

Our Platform

Collects and consolidates IoT health data from across apps and devices.

Mirrors the economic model of ‘HealthCapital’.

Uses articial intelligence and machine learning to intervene in health depreciation.

Uses articial intelligence and machine learning to intervene in health depreciation.

Is powered by a dual incentivization model that rewards users with PlayCoins

Offers gamified challenges and personalised health-recommendations

Token Circulation





Product Roadmap

Our Platform


Eesha Sheikh


Medicinal chemist, Software Entrepreneur and Founder of Playpal

Mark Pomeroy


Former Vice President R&D at Johnson & Johnson.

Mike Hagerty


Former Chief Marketing Officer at Western Union

Brad Bayless


Former VP Marketing at GE Capital.

Can Sun

Consultant (Legal)

PhD from Princeton, J.D. at Yale Law, cryptocurrency attorney

Kumud Kalia

Former Chief Information Officer

Former Chief Information Officer at Akamai Technologies

Don White

Don White

Vice President

Former Senior Vice President at JDEdwards

Elizabeth Vanneste


Salesmother at Mother Kombucha

Jake Cummins

CEO/ Founder at Cloudnexion

CEO/ Founder at Cloudnexion

Dr. Luka Powanga


Professor of Economics and Finance at Regis University.

Don White

Steve Lopez


CEO at The Green Solution

Jameel Barkat


Former Strategic Development Director at Curtiss-Wright

Vic Ahmed


Serial Entrepreneur and Start-up Visionary

Dr. Basit Hussain

Consultant (Technology)

PhD in Computer Engineering; seasoned developer and CTO

Dr. Stephane (Stef) Savanah

Chief Scientist at OBITO LTD

David Lofts

Consultant (Token Economics)

Ethical ICO, experienced cryptocurrency & marketing expert

JPaul Scott

Founder / Disruption / Strategy

Yev Muchnik

Impact Lawyer; Legal and Tech Futurist

Dr. Saeed Rajput

Consultant (Technology)

PhD in Electrical Engineering; professor and innovator

Don White

Shehryar Akhtar

CEO of Cloutel

Fakhar Lodhi

Low-cost alternative to enterprise-grade HSMs for IoT devices

Muhammad Kamran Lodhi

Business Analyst at Allegis Global Solutions

Altaf Khan